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Knowing the Product

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When marketing a product to a specific audience, it's important to take into consideration what the product is for, why a shopper would want it, and how the product would appeal to the shopper. When trying to market a mop, there are a lot of things to consider in order to successfully sell it. What makes it better than any other type of mop? Would the shopper benefit from this mop more than another? Understanding the benefits of a certain product will help a specific group to market it appropriately.

Marketing Strategies

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The marketing strategies behind product marketing are the game plans that essentially help to sell a product to a certain demographic. If the company selling the product wishes to sell candles, they will go to a marketing company and ask them to come up with ideas for getting the candles sold. The marketing company will then consider who is more likely to buy a fancy candle. They might decide that their target audience should be women seeking a lovely smell, or men seeking to buy their significant other a gift.

Media Marketing

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The next part of a marketing strategy is to create a media campaign to help sell the product at hand. The media has become one of the the biggest ways to ensure the sale of a product. More people listen to the radio, watch the television, and search the internet now than read magazines or newspapers. Print marketing used to be the biggest way to sell products, but with the benefits of the television and the internet, media marketing has become the most important strategy. Every campaign will turn to media.